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Interational Market

Vietnamese Cavendish bananas are celebrated worldwide for their exceptional quality and have become a popular choice in the international market. 

  • Second-Largest Producer: Vietnam is the second-largest producer of Cavendish bananas in Southeast Asia. In 2023, Vietnam exported 270,000 tons of Cavendish bananas, primarily to China, Japan, South Korea, and Russia.

  • Sweetness and Thin Skin: Vietnamese Cavendish bananas are known for their sweetness and thin skin, making them highly desirable.

  • Competitive Pricing: Vietnamese Cavendish bananas offer competitive pricing, providing excellent value without compromising quality.

  • Favorable Import Tariffs: Vietnamese bananas benefit from favorable import tariffs in many countries, making them an attractive choice for international buyers. These lower tariffs help reduce costs and enhance competitiveness, ensuring excellent value for customers.

Cultivation and Harvesting
  • Location Advantage: Located in Ho Chi Minh City, our company is near major banana-growing regions like Đồng Nai, Tiền Giang, and Bình Dương. This ensures a steady supply of fresh, high-quality bananas and efficient transportation via major seaports, enabling prompt delivery to both domestic and international market.

  • Harvesting Process: We prioritize selecting partners with excellent harvesting processes, which are closely supervised by our team. This ensures that the bananas we provide meet the high quality standards. Our rigorous selection and monitoring process guarantees that only the best bananas reach our customers

  • Consistent Supply: We ensure a stable supply and the ability to provide large quantities of bananas. Located near major banana-growing regions, we guarantee prompt and efficient delivery to meet your demands.

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Our Products

What We Supply

Vietnamese Green Canvendish bananas
Vietnamese Cavendish Frozen Banana
Vietnamese Cavendish Custom Packaging

Fresh Bananas

Frozen Bananas

Custom Packaging Services

Our Work in Action

Highlights of Our Production Process

Our Team
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Stone Pham

Founder, CEO

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With over 10 years of experience in export - import and supply chain management, Stone ensures quality and efficiency in every process


​John Huynh

Co-Founder, Head of Logictics & Preservation

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With over 6 years of export experience, John maintains optimal conditions for goods from our facilities to your port, ensuring freshness and safety throughout the logistics process.


Sang Nguyen

Co-Founder, Head of Quality Control

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Sang ensures that all products meet the highest standards. His meticulous attention to detail guarantees that each item is thoroughly inspected and maintained, ensuring consistent quality

We understand that the consumption of fresh fruits is increasing significantly nowadays. Vietnam is proudly one of the top fruit exporting countries in the world. With the aim to help our clients find the best products in an easier and more convenient way, SAIGON VG is dedicated to providing high-quality fruit products. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our quality products and excellent service. Contact us to learn about our services and see how we may be of service to you.

Our Team
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  • 17 Hoa Su Street, Ward 7, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • 28/8/34 Luong The Vinh Street, Tan Thoi Hoa Ward, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • Level 1, 20 D27 Street, Van Phuc Urban Area, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

​Mobile Phone/ Whatsapp:

+84 862365247

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